are you swedish? - A short guide about swedish speaking finns for foreigners

SVENSKA dagen i ära, så tänkte jag skriva en kort guide om finlandssvenskan på engelska till fina utländska vänner! Det händer allt för ofta att man behöver förklara sig om varför man har svenska som modersmål - så gör ett litet ytskrap. 

A comment a get everytime I meet foreign people, after I tell them where I'm from and that my mothertounge is swedish, is "So you're swedish?". No. I am not. I am a swedish speaking finn, and yes, that is a thing! 

So please, here's my short guide for my foreign friends! I have saved up on the history - just named some of the important facts. HAHA. 


They maintain a strong identity and are seen either as a separate ethnic group, while still being Finns, or as a distinct nationality. They speak Finland Swedish, which encompasses both a standard language and distinct dialects that are mutually intelligible with the dialects spoken in Sweden and, to a lesser extent, other Scandinavian languages. - Wikipedia


Fun facts:

  • 5,8 % of the finnish population are swedish speaking finns. We like to live next to the sea, by the coast, so we can park our sailboats. But we are as much finns like everyone else. 


  • We have swedish kindergartens, swedish schools, swedish entertainment and so on. I, for example, have grown up in a swedish speaking family, went to swedish schools, and I am now working in swedish as a kindergarten teacher. BUT we are not from Sweden. 


  • In school - we take finnish as a second language next to english. I never had any interest in learning finnsh because my grandmother said she never needed it. which is true where I grew up, so my english is my second language and finnish is my third-ish.. I wish I knew it fluently now - but what can you do.              The finnish schools teaches swedish as a second language - or in some schools. It's very floopy now-a-days because people are stupid.


  • For some reason, most of the finnish speaking finns think that the swedish speaking finns are wealthy and rich AF. We have sailboats, big houses and daddy pays for everything. This is funny to me because I don't know anybody with a sailboat, not everyone has a big house and daddy only pays sometimes.                                                                                  
  • We have our own flag & song! We are proud of our language, and to be bilingual. 


I think it's funny how Canada, Belgium and even USA are multilingual countries with french, german and spanish minorities - and yet swedish speaking finns are the weirdest thing. 

I am a swedish speaking finn. No I am not swedish nor is my family swedish. I don't speak swedish with a finnish accent, I speak finnish-swedish. My boyfriend is also finnish-swedish speaking and so are my colleagues. Most of us speak finnish fluently, and some of us don't. Just the way the cookie crumbles! 



Any questions? ASK EM!




06.11.2018 kl. 18:49

a regular tuesday - in english!

Hello y'all! 

No time no english! So I decided that today will be an english day since I started off like that. Why you ask? Well every tuesday at work - I have an english club with the five year old kids where we play, sing, talk and learn english together. It's fun and it's effective! Damn those kids learn fast even though I'm not really TEACHING them, teaching them. Just incorperating it in the activites. It's super cool and I love it.



This day was a really effective one. I woke up at 7. Took a shower (I never do that in the morning), I made cashew mylk (WHAT), I had a long breakfast and then at 9 am I walked to work. Who does that? 

But it was such a great way to start a tuesday - I do it whenever I can. But since it's getting darker outside, it's harder to get my ass up in the mornings. Anyone else?

About that cashew mylk - I haven't made that in forever. I don't use milk in anything except in my coffee, and I have used oatmilk from Oatly (the best), but yesterday I noticed I had alot of cashews laying around, like people do, so I put about one cup of them in my blender to soak over night. 

In the morning I just rinsed them under water a couple of times and blended them with hald a liter of water - strained and bottlet it! DONE! 

I added some cinnamon and honey for taste and damn, so good. Use it in coffee, porridge, smoothies or just to drink! 


(old picture - but the same recipe)

Anyway - after work I just went home at 5pm, had some chicken dinner. I had a really great ordinary day today and now that Erik is here - it ends ever greater. I'm gonna make him som french toast and he doesn't know it yet because he's not paying attention to what I'm writing right now. HAHA!!!


That's how my regular tuesday looked like today!

How was yours?



25.09.2018 kl. 19:53


Hello people!

I'm back on dry land after a weekend on Åland Islands and I'm super tired but also super happy! Today is my first official vacation day of my five weeks off. FIVE WEEKS! I'm going to be so bored in a week - but such is life as me. If you wanna hang out - plz don't hesitate to text me! 

This post will be in english so that everyone will see how cool it was. All pics are mine execpt the ones that are not!

Midsummer came, saw and concured - and it was so awesome. We left for Mariehamn on friday morning and came back home yesterday night. We were 12 people - 6 couples (plus two cats and a dog). A mixed group of different people that totally clicked and we had such a great time. Good food, great drinks and happy faces. 

They say a picture says more than a thousand written words - so I will show you how cool the past weekend was! Here we go.



the squad captured from a drone! (Picture: Jonas Ekholm)



part of the food!



the chefs!



the cute observer and the cute corn cutter!



the handsome and the me



a friendly game of kubb!


the kubb loser (picture: Riccardo Gatto)


The midsummer eve was rainy and cold because the sun doesn't always shine on Åland, despite what the locals may tell you. But after rain comes kubb and it was so much fun! At least the first round when my team owned it and won. But it's supposed to be a fun game and not a serous competition, some might say.

On midsummer day we went for a roadtrip to Smakbyn, or the taste village - flavor village if directly translated, and to Stallhagen brewery. The weather was friendlier and sometimes even sunny!



look at these happy faces!

In the evening we went to ÅSS by the harbour for dinner and drinks, and then we ended up in Arken for some dancing. I met so many familiar faces and I had a blaaast. Normally I don't go out to a club on midsummer but when in Åland, why not! 

The food at ÅSS was okay. A bit expensive for what we got on our plates, but okay. Some of us rated it 8/10 forks and some of us rated it 7/10 cats or someting. Did you know 7/12 people were chefs? Imagine how good the midsummer dinner was. 12/10.




The next day me and Erik had to catch the earlier boat for Turku so we left first of the group. We left tired, happy, broke and grateful for this lot of people! I'm do happy that we all worked so well as a group and I look forward to more get togethers in the future!

A big thanks to Anni who is the main reason I got to know everyone. Special thanks to Sofia and Jonas for hosting everyone. THANK YOU!


I hope everyone had a great midsummer!


Smell ya later.




25.06.2018 kl. 18:42

Drowning in my sleep

I had a nightmare. I never have nightmares. I dreamed that I was drowning. I fell into the water and as I was trying to get up - I was held back by mud, seaweed and old treebranches. 

I tried to get to the surface. I couldn't. I didn't understand, because I'm a fucking great swimmer. But I couldn't. 

Then I woke up. The sun shining at my face through my non-excisting curtains. It is 07.00 am and I am at home, in my own bed. I'm okay. But I still feel so weird. 


This happened last night. I drowned. I have never drowned or died in my sleep before. I needed to analyze this, because it felt so uncomfortable and so real! So I typed in drowning to a dream dictionary app. Because that's what one does, right?


Overwhelming circumstances in real life, feelings of helplessness or hopelessness, or something feeling out of control—or a fear of such things.


Well I'll be damned. 

I'ts so interesting how out minds work. Because, believe it or not - this reflects kind of prefectly to my life right now. Not so extreme, but kind of on point. 

I am having a bit of uncertainty in my life, unsure of what the summer and fall holds. It's getting clearer, but it has clearly overwhelmed my unconcious brain. But it's fine now. I'm happy despite of not knowing what happens next. SO WHY DO I FFING DROWN in my sleep?


Go home brain, you wasted.


Going to finish this post with a under water picture - because symbolism - and I love the water and no dream iz gonna ruin that!




30.03.2018 kl. 10:52


Dags för min tredje gästbloggare! Denna babe är en gammal kollega från mina Mallistider och jobbar nuförtiden som flygvärdinna på Emirates! Ganska coolt enligt mig. Så jag ansåg att jag definitivt ville veta mera om hennes liv just nu! Konversationen går på engelska så here we go!


First of all – HELLO! How are you?


Hi there! I am doing great, how are you Sofia? I am a big fan of your blog and its a honour to be your guest.


 I'm fine, thank you! So, tell us about you! Name, age, where are you from, favorite food and are you single?


So I’ll introduce myself. Silke, 24 turning 25 next month, born and raised in Belgium, in love with a lovely Belgian man who I live with in Dubai since 2014. I love spaghetti, sushi and pho (vietnamese noodle soup -> very njammie with lots of coriander!). I work as a cabin crew and fly all over the world!


How do we know eachother?


We met during the summer of 2013 if I’m not mistaken. We used to work together in a hotel in Mallorca and we were part of the children’s animation team.


(Miniclub crew  - Sofia, Laura & Silke)


It’s over four years ago since we’ve last seen each other. How did you experience that summer in Mallorca?


That’s such a long time ago! I did enjoy that summer in Mallorca but the job itself wasn’t my thing. I remember you did your job with so much passion and enthusiasm and I wasn’t like that, it just wasn’t my thing. I liked all the extras hahah -> going out at night, amazing food in the hotel (remember that pasta we had for lunch! SO good), the weather, days at the beach. 


How was I four years ago? How do you remember me? Describe me in four words (honest now).


I remember you as an energetic, positive, crazy and warm person. You were good in what you were doing out there. Are you still working with children by the way? I’ve always seen a teacher in you! Or a social worker or something!

Sofia: Haha, well pretty damn close! I'm a kindergarten teacher now. Thanks for those kind words, but sometimes I felt like a old bitch on my bad days. Glad you don't remember that. 


Speaking of flying – you work in the air, right? Tell us about that! How did you think of pursuing that career? What do you actually do?


I wasn’t happy living in Belgium and I had no idea what I wanted to do in life. I had a boyfriend from France that time and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay with him or not. I saw and advert online ‘Cabin crew opportunities in Dubai’, yes that’s what I needed that time, I applied and got the job. A couple of months later I left Belgium and moved to the United Arab Emirates and look, 4 years later I am still here!


What’s the best thing about your job – apart from the free travelling? What’s the worst thing?


The best thing is seeing all this beautiful places we have on earth and learning so much about other cultures and traditions and I love trying out nice food from everywhere. But of course like every other jobs theres a downside, waking up at 1AM, being jet lagged when you arrive back from Australia or the USA, not always being able to see your family during Christmas or New Years.


What’s the weirdest thing a passenger has said to you onboard?


A passenger recently asked me if I could make him a fresh banana almond smoothie, I told him sure let me get my mixer and run down 7eleven to get some bananas and almonds. (No unfortunately I didn’t tell him that, thats what I thought tho…..). Another passenger told me if he could take away his food in a doggybag -> nope we don’t have takeaway bags!


Have you ever had to evacuate an airplane in the sea?


No, a landing on water is something which thank god almost never happens! There was an incident where a plane had an emergency landing on the Hudson River in New York in 2009. They made a really good movie about it called ‘Sully’.


Follow up: is it fun to go down the slide to the water?


Haha unfortunately I’ve only done it once during my training but YES it was SO much fun.

Do you ever get scared? If yes – in what situation?

No not really.


Why does one have to close the window and does the belt really make any sense?


Actually during landing and take off it’s really important to open the window blinds because a passenger might be able to see something important when looking outside, something someone else is not able to see. Yes the belt makes a looooot of sense! It can prevent you from braking a looooot of bones.


What’s your favorite destination? Why?


I've got so many! Japan is beautiful, especially during the cherry blossom season (march-april) the country has such a good, peaceful vibe and its so organised and clean. Vienna is the best in December, Christmas markets, gluhwein..some snow if you’re lucky! Korea and Taiwan are the best for skincare products and shopping in general!



What are your future plans?


Honestly I have no idea! I live day by day, not worrying too much about the future. I am not leaving Dubai anytime soon.


When are you gonna visit me?


Thats a good question! Whats the nearest airport? Let me check if we fly there! 

Sofia: Closest to me is Turku airport but I really doubt you'll ever land here. But otherwise it's Helsinki! 



Thank you so much Silke! It was a pleasure to catch up after all these years. Your job is super cool and interestning! Keep posting pics from your travels so I can just die of jeleousy. If anyone has a question please write them in the comment section below!

This was my guest for this time! I learned alot, did you? Who do you wanna read about next? We will have to wait and see!

Have a happy happy sunday and enjoy the cold ass snow!




11.02.2018 kl. 17:21


I love the city i live in. Åbo (Turku) is that perfect sized town. Not to big, but not too small. Filled with all kinds of food, drinks, shops & culture. The people are nice and eveything is close by. 

FACT: Did you know that Åbo/Turku was the OG capital of Finland for 4 years (1809-1812)? No you didn't, you only care about yourself.  

Anyway, this guide is about food for the hungry visitor - so I will list my top five favorite places to visit for the food in this cozy ass city & two places I'm not so inpressed by I but could give them another try - but other people might like 'em! 

//the titles are clickable and leads you to their website. also, bear in mind that I'm a vegetarian so most of the places are veggie friendly.//


This is my favorite lunch spot. It's located in Turku market hall in the city centre. They serve vegetarian/vegan lunches on weekdays and brunchplates on saturdays. When I was a student and didn't have any other obligations during the day - this was my go to lunch place. 

You can choose from three different lunches - salad, hot meal and a soup. They all include home made bread with butter and/or hummous and a cup of dessert coffee or tea. 

I strongly recommend this place even if you're not a vegetarian! Super tasty and instead of a table number - you get a colorful animal! If that's not a good enough reason, I don't know what is. 


If you don't fancy a veggie lunch, I strongly recommend to just visit the market hall. It's filled with all kinds of food for all kinds of hungry bellys. Tacos, sushi, salads, soups and meats. You can buy cheese, drink a cup of coffe, shop some wine or just walk around. One of my favorite buildings in this town! 



This cozy spot is located by the river next to the library. Their menu has everything from huge salads, sandwiches, soups to cakes, croissants and coffees. They also have a bar to get a mimosa for the sunday brunchplate or just to get a drink in the evening - or even in the day (I never judge!).

The café has two floors and the interiour is gorgeous with white wooden walls and sparkly lamps. I highly recommend the salmon soup, the feta-mango salad and the brunchplate (choose from meat, fish or vegetarian!) 

They also do some jazzy music nights that I've always wanted to attend but never have. So shout out if you wanna join sometime! 



This is a small café located opposite the market hall in the Hansa quarters, or if you prefer to call it, the Hansa shopping centre. They serve all kinds of coffees, chocolates, toasties and smoothies. You can also buy coffee stuff to make delicious coffees at home! Yes, they also sell stuff!

I recommend the place to just sit by yourself after a long day of shopping to just to look at people walking by the window or a coffee date! I  always order the matcha latte or a normal americano and silently judge people walking by. We all do it. I know we do -  and this is the perfect spot for it! 


(picture source - KLICK)

This spanish influenced restaurant is also located in the Hansa quarters, almost next to Bean bar. They have the best waitorstaff, especially one funny foreign man, who I think is spanish but I can't name him because I never asked his name, but he is very friendly. 

I recommend this place based on the feeling I got from it. It felt like I was on a vacation in Spain or Italy. The food was great, the wine was tasty and the energy there is just so friendly. I've visited Tres three times on very different occations and all three times were as good. It's kind of fine dining but still feels casual and comfy to be there. 

They serve lunch monday-saturday and a'la carte dinner everyday. So get your ass to Tres for a great and friendly experience! 



This is located right by the river. It's a supercozy café tht serves high quality made coffees and teas. In the winter it's nice to sit inside by the window and in the spring/summer it's perfect to sit outside. 

It's very artsy and you get art on you're latte or cappuchino that is very instagrammable! 


Other gems in Turku worth visiting:

Kembuz Café, Sergio's, Di Trevi, Fabbe's Café, Kaskis, Fazer..


Two places I'm not impressed by:

The food was okay, but the place is weird! The menu is all about small portions and they tell you to at least have 4-5 if you want to get full. It's clearly a tapas inspired place but they prefer not to call it tapas and got kind of defensive, but still compared it to tapas when we asked how big the meals are. So. JUST CALL IT TAPAS. It's FINE.

The restaurant feels like a school cafeteria, but maybe that's the concept. Although why call it Storage?

On the plus side - it's kind of a cool place if you really like that kind of stuff - and I recommend the onion-mozarellarings! The prices we're a bit on the higher side. I would, however, visit again! Because eveything and eveyone deserves a second chance. 

I will just say two things: small ass burgers & high ass prices. I could be a bit harsh, but I didn't like my veggie burger. It might have been because I had a terrible hangover - but still! 

I have tried the place in Helsinki and I was more impressed by that one than the one here in Turku. So I might have to try it again sometime! But for now - I'm not impressed. 

So this was my current food guide for my dear city of TURKU!

Here are som other blogposts I've posted about food:



What's your favorite places? Let me know where to eat next in the comment section below!

Also, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. But I doubt it, my stommach is always right. 



feeder fiauster
04.02.2018 kl. 16:19

what do you fear?


What are your greatest fears?

Death? Loss? Loneliness? Silence?

All of the above. 

I'm afraid to die. But not the death part of it, the waiting to die part. I'm so scared to get super sick. I'm neurotic and semi-hypocondric about it. There are so many people in my life that are struggling from various diseases and I'm always thinking about when i'ts my turn. Because it's bound to happen.

I have a great fear of being abandoned. To be forgotten. To be left behind. To be the second choice. I'm always on my tippy toes and I'm always prepared fot it. Got my defensive wall up, just in case. Telling you that I don't care - but I always do

I'm also scared to lose a dear one. To one day wake up and someone is gone. My parents, my friends, my relatives..all my loved ones. 

I'm not scared to be alone, but I'm scared of loneliness. I've been lonely before and I'm afraid to be again. 

I'm scared to be honest. In case I look stupid or say the wrong thing. 

I'm scared of the dark. I have a fear of the unknown and what I can't see. 

I'm afraid to be ordinary. I'm afraid to get stuck. To stand still. To seem boring to others. I know I'm not, but I'm scared that I one day will be. 

But I know my fears and I try to accept them - acknowledge them. Because it's okay to have fears, we all have them - big or small. As long as they don't control us. We need to acknowledge something exists, in order to be able to face it. 


Simple as that? No - but nothing is simple. 


This is life.

Stay humble. 




28.01.2018 kl. 16:16

winter wonderland

Here in Finland, we don't see alot of daylight. From october to march it's mostly dark and dim. The sun comes up around 9.30 and it goes down around 16.00. More or less like that, it depends on the month. That's about six months of darkness. To wake up when it's pitch black outside is super hard for most people, including myself. You wake up, it's dark. You go to work, it's still dark. You finish work at 16.00, wait what? IT'S DARK AGAIN!

It's so hard to be or to get energized in the darkness. That's why some of us finns are moody and very pale during this time of the year. So when the sun is out, we chase it. We need to soak in the sunlight when we've got the chance. This weekend was magical. Snow, sun and crispy air!





I visited the island of Hitis or Hiittinen or HitisLANDET where my bf is from. We were so lucky with the weather and it was gorgeous all weekend. It was around -7 and super crispy! I do feel bit more energized and I've gotten some sweeeet ass archipelago air in my lungs. FRESHNESS!




Hope all of y'all had a great weekend! 

This coming week is filled with work, cooking, yoga and on friday I get to eat fancy AF food at Kaskis (nr. 6 on the top 10 best restaurants in Finland) HAHA, I'm so happy and hungry.




21.01.2018 kl. 17:12





Namn: Sofia Johansson

Ålder:  Tjugonio jordsnurr

Ort: Åbo

Blogg: Här kan ni läsa om allt och ingenting, men oftast någonting!

Är: Glad, mästare på överanalysering, plantlady, snäll, tankspridd, lite humoristisk, semi musikalisk, lång, full av kärlek och ost





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