but, are you an alcoholic?

22.01.2017 kl. 13:13



I have decided to write in english today, by popular demand from my not-swedish friends. (one friend, but still!)


I am now on my 22nd day of my 100 dry days. Not so WOW yet, beacuse let's face it, if I couldn't last more than this - it would be quite sad. 

I still feel the need to explain why I do it - because the reactions I've gotten so far a mostly; "so are you gonna be boring?", "seriously, why?" and "ARE YOU AN ALCOHOLIC?". No one actually says good for you! (except my mom)

And NO. I'm not an alcoholic. I just like to socialize. (yeah,yeah.)

I just feel like I have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. The drink just to get drunk relationship. And yeah, most of the finnish teenagers and young adults (old adults too) have that same relationship - but I thought I would've grown out of it by now. I'm twentyseven years old and I still have no idea where my limit goes. I'm a human sponge! But gin and tonics are so gooood. FACT.

But I don't want to do that anymore. I'm up the point that my hangoverday has evolved to hangoverdays and I can't deal. 

So I decided to start over with a clean slate. To find out if one really need all the alcohol to survive a night out. If I sleep better, if I feel healthier.. So far so good! 

But then the follow up question is; what goals do I have for the 100 days. Well, let me tell ya.


  • First and foremost - I want to quit smoking for good. Because I usually just smoke when I drink.
  • I want to be able to go out for one glass and go home. (I just always get in the party mood, but what can you do.)
  • I want to cleanse my body from all toxins that alcohol and cigarettes give you. And that's alot of crap. 
  • I want to save money. 
  • I want to develop a more healthy relationship with alcohol. To overcome the drink to get drunk state of mind, and have a glass of wine or a nice beer because the taste of it. You feel me?
  • Find out what else one can do on weekends without going out, as a single lady. Because I can't do more than one facial-spa-movie night a month. 
  • All the fancy non-alcoholic drinks I will try! 

Yesterday was the first time out since I started this experiment. Me and some friends went to Kuka (who?) here in Turku and I ordered an non-alcoholic beer. It actually did the trick. 

Mindfuck. Because I still got louder and more social. Maybe one don't need liquid courage to talk to new people? Maybe that beer (that still tasted like a proper beer) had an placebo effect and tricked my brain? Maybe the lovely company just was enough? 

It's going to be interesting to see how the next 78 days will be like. Will I be able to survive a trip to Stockholm stuck with all the drunks on the Viking Line ferry? Will I endure working on my thesis-project without a single drop of wine? Will I become worse of a drinker than before this experiment or will I not even start again?

Time will tell.

Let's face it - I'm still a finn and I enjoy wine, beer & sparkling stuff - and the feeling that it gives, so as long I can keep it at a tipsy stage after this and be smoke-free - GOAL ACHIEVED!













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