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15.02.2017 kl. 08:56
this one is completely in english, because it makes more sense. Cheers.

This is the story about how I finally took control of my own self and did something awesome that completely changed me.

The year was 2012, the month was march and the day was a saturday. I had my one way ticket to an island I had last visited when I was four years old. Mallorca. I had no idea what would be my life for the next year. No frickin' clue that this would be the best and wildest thing I've ever did, so far.

Now, let's not compare my story to yours. For me, this was life changing and wild. For you - this may seem itty bitty. Aight'?

I arrived around 11ish at the airport with butterflies in my stomach, waiting for my luggage, anticipating and feeling a bit anxious. I knew that someone I've never met was waiting for me on the other side, dressed in orange.

There she was, greeting me with a happy face. I didn't say much. Just smiling and nodding when she talked. We walked towards the viva-van. People that also just arrived were standing there, talking to eachother, greeting, smiling and nodding. We were all there for the same reason. Some of them were to be my future team-mates, roomies and friends for life. But at that time, I had no idea. Also, I had no idea I already, kind of, knew one of them.

We all got in the cars and drove towards Alcudía. I sat quietly in the backseat, just listening to the others in the car. They seemed really nice and social. I felt stupid for not having anything to say. Just smiled.  We arrived at the hotel where we stayed for the next 2 weeks for training and getting to know eachother. I was terrified and out of my comfortzone.

The first two weeks went by like that. Felt like a second. We worked 12 hours a day and learned how to be competent hotel entertainers. It was cruel, fun, hard, exhausting & amazing at the same time. Felt like a bootcamp filled with rules and punishments. We practiced arts&crafts, games, minidiscos and had a weekly exam. Kind of ridiculous now when I look back at it. We took it all so frickin' seriously, but it brought us all closer. The course was so intense and filled with drama. New friendships and romances were created, and a few are still going strong today.

At the end of the course we all got divided into different teams and hotels, and it felt like an American Idol audition. We all sat outside while one by one got called in to the "judges" to be informed weather you stay or go. A few actually had to leave. SICK!

I remember Nick playing the guitar and singing Hallelujah. He is a famous singer in Italy now, btw. Anyway, people were crying because they got sent to the other part of the island from a friend they've known for two weeks. Seriously, I also cried!

My team got sent out first. To Palmanova. Beacuse the hotel was already up and running for the season, so we had to start working right away. I admit, it was a sad moment. But I got lucky with the hotel, the hotel staff and  my entertainment team-mates. Finland, Sweden, Italy, Belgium and Slovenia. Winners!

We started of the season with a vanillasugar spanish chief, and continued the rest of the summer with a spicy belgian waffle chief. They were like night and day. They were both experienced entertainers but ooh so different. I've learned alot from both of them! How to obey the rules, and how to secretly bend them. How important it is to be a proper host - and how to be a wild one. Potato, potato.

The best part of our location was first of all; that Magaluf was like 5 min away, second was that we were out of the dramatic bubble that was up in the north. We didn't know much about the other ones, and that was fine, but if we wanted to know some gossip, we asked the flying team*. We did our own thing. You have to understand that we are around eachother 24/7. We live, sleep, work, eat and see the same faces through whole season. So, we kind of lived in a VIVA bubble.

*the flying team were different groups of singers and dancers who travelled between all the viva hotels and performed at nighttime. Elvis, Beatles, Grease, Abba and so on.  

Alot of people back home didn't believe that I would last more than two weeks. I was a shy, quiet person and could never imagine standing on a stage, talking and dancing, in front of 300 people & introducing a show in six languages. But I did. I sucked at it at first - but after a lot of practice, it became more comfortable and fun. I loved it and I got good at it.

I've created so many relationships with familys from all over the world. Just by being myself and being good at my job. The kids loved us and we loved them (in a non creepy way.)

We all brought something different to the team and we worked so well together. Of course there was some drama, but you forget about it because the good times were better.

We partied almost everyday until 5 am. We danced and laughed. We made memories, most of the time, if we remembered the night. And what we didn't rememeber, I had it documented on my camera. There's also a video montage of the whole season. I was THAT girl. Maybe that was the start of my obsession for photos and posting them everywhere...

The season flew by and suddenly it was november and the hotel was empty. One after one we left and went home. But most of us knew we were coming back next year. So it didn't feel as bad.

I came home with so much more that I've ever had. My mouth was filled with cavities from all the red bull but my heart was filled with joy. The scale showed 10 more kilos but I'd grown SO much confidence. I came home taller and happier.

This was five years ago. FIVE. This is where it all started. This is how I got out of my comfortzone, my shell and got shit done, for me. Look how far I've come. I am loud, proud and living. I've come to sense with who I am and what I want to do. I am more confident. I am ME.

I am so happy to have met so many amazing and funny people along the way, and I miss you.

A part of me wants to do a final season before I get old(er), but a part of me knows that it's not good for my health and it will never be what it was. The best thing I've ever done.

Thank god for all of you people. TE AMO!


*I will do a recap of my 2013 season later. Stay tuned!


muchos lovos, Sofia





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