but, are you an alcoholic? - part two

05.03.2017 kl. 10:21
a mid progress follow up in english today!



So today marks 64/100 dry days. I feel more energized, healthier and I have turned into an old maid - and loving it. I actually like going to bed before twelve on a saturday and getting up well rested and hangoverfree on a sunny sunday. True story! 

Now, people who have known me for a long time knows that I like to socialize and going out on weekends. I still do, but I don't feel the need to do it as much. I am comfortable staying at home, drinking tea while watching Melodifestivalen and På Spåret or going out for dinner and just go home after. Without a stop at the bar for the ledgendary one. (who actually manages to go out for just one?)

That was a drastic but also a positive change for me and my friend yesterday, because we usually stay out until 5 AM when we meet. Is this what it's like to be an adult? Am I adulting?

Some people might feel that I am wasting my precious man-hunting single lady time, and that I am five cats away from becoming the catlady from The Simpsons. I should be out looking for a potential guy to highlight my life OR meet their friends friend who is perfect for me. Yay.

Last time I wrote about this properly was on day 22/100. I mentioned the reactions I get when speaking of 100 dry days. 

I need to mention my own reactions and pride of it. When I reached day 31, I was so proud and I bragged about it to my friends. Then I found out that over 50% of my friends haven't  even had a beer for that same period. Without restricting them selves. That was a big turn off. But now at day 64 - I feel pride and glory. Specielly for the non-smoking part. 

I am still not an alcoholic - need to put that out there. But I enjoy a glass of wine on a friday with dinner, a beer after work on a saturday or a bottle at a party. Casual. Normal, especially for my age? Yes. In Finland? - bordeline ALCOHOLIC. 

But I have experimented with the social aspect of it and it turnes out that I'm perfectly fine without drinking at social events. I'm still as social and loud as anybody else. And it's alot of fun to listen to the drunk people explaining stuff. 

I've tried my fair share of non-alcoholic beers, wines and ciders. Realized that the beers&ciders suck. Not worth it. But the non-alcoholic white wines are drinkable. It does the trick then you're having a fancy dinner. Just the one glass for the feel of it. And people don't question it, because it looks the same. Because the questions are still the same as in the beginning. Are you an alcoholic, are you boring now and why though..?

Did you guys know that I am not actually doing this alone? I got one friend to join me. But not for free. We have one very expensive bottle of booze on the line. The difference is that I have been kind of chill and laying low - but he has been for a two week holiday to Thailand and for a skiiholiday to Himos - without a drop of beer, a fancy cocktail on the beach or a minttukakao in the slopes. Don't know if I should feel sorry for him or not, but that is pure dedication! Thank god I was smart enough to book my holidays after this challange. 

I will do a list of noticeble changes at the end of this challange to compare if anything actually has changed. What I can tell now is that my endourance in the gym is higher, my mood is lighter and I am more energized. I have however not saved any money, my ass is bigger and I eat more - but no surprise there. 

T h i r t y s i x days to go! 







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