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16.03.2017 kl. 21:17


This is a segment I greatfully copied/stole/got inspired by, from mr. Jimmy Fallon. I say my thank yous for the week. Should I make it a weekly thing? 

Thank the sun for making me more energized and happy, even though you wake me up too fucking early.

Thank you..Facebook, for reminding me of the useless statusupdates I did 7 years ago. Looks like I've evolved.

Thank you..Zalando, for delivering my new sneakers just in time for the rainy weekend, so I can't destroy them right away. Good thinking there.

Thank you..Coffee, for keeping me alert. You rule.

Thank you..Ed Sheeran, for just being so awesome, even though you're a huge ass for not adding a show in Finland for your tour. 

Thank you..random stranger on the sidewalk for walking too slow, so I don't loose any extra calories or my breath. Just my mind.

Thank you..cellulites, for keeping my muscles secure and protected under all them layers. Appriciate it. 

Thank you..Jimmy Fallon, for being so great and inventing these thank you notes. I adore you.




Click here to watch the original thank you notes from The Tonight Show. F-U-N! 

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Såå bra! Diggar din lista! :D
Marika16.03.17 kl. 21:56
Haha, va kul :D
16.03.17 22:13
Undrar alltid vem tar fotona på dej..?
T16.03.17 kl. 22:12
privat fotograf / aka. den som råkar hänga me mig :D
16.03.17 22:14





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