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10.04.2017 kl. 13:00
dry days - 100/100!!!!!!
status: liberated

Today is the day. Today is the 100th and final day of my experiment! Who would've thought I'd actually make it? I surtenly didn't at first. But you know what? It's been so liberating. All the hangover-free sundays with a clear mind. 

I can honestly say that I'm happy I chose this part of the year to do it. Because now when the sun is out - my winetooth is aching. 

"It's going to be interesting to see how the next 78 days will be like. Will I be able to survive a trip to Stockholm stuck with all the drunks on the Viking Line ferry? Will I endure working on my thesis-project without a single drop of wine? Will I become worse of a drinker than before this experiment or will I not even start again?" - Sofia on day 22.

I looked back on the blogpost I shared in the beginning (click here to read). I drew up some goals for my experiment and now I'm gonna compare and see if anything has changed at all. Let's go! 

  • First and foremost - I want to quit smoking for good. Because I usually just smoke when I drink.

Done and done. This is why I wanted to do this in the first place - to stop smoking and I can honestly say that I have succeeded. I have given up smoking and I never ever want to smoke again! Here's to that and let's hope that it sticks even though I have a glass or five.. 

  • I want to be able to go out for one glass and go home. (I just always get in the party mood, but what can you do.) 

I have been able to go out for one and go home after one glass, but the content of that glass was non-alcoholic. So it's a matter of how strong my backbone is and how strong my party mood gets. I'm still me you know.

  •  I want to cleanse my body from all toxins that alcohol and cigarettes give you. And that's alot of crap.

I feel more alert, more fresh and my body feels more energized. But that has to do with the non-smoking I think. Because I didn't drink that much before. Like seriously.

  • I want to save money

I have not saved a big ammount of money - but I have used them on other stuff that makes me happy. Like food, clothes and travels. My trip to Oslo for example! Again, I'm still me and I can't save money.

  • I want to develop a more healthy relationship with alcohol. To overcome the drink to get drunk state of mind, and have a glass of wine or a nice beer because the taste of it. You feel me? 

That I have done. I have been able to go out sober and have alot of fun - and going home with a clear head! I have however missed having that one glass of wine on a friday night with my meal. I have not at all missed getting drunk as a skunk. Although it will be nice to get a bit tipsy in the sun and relax.

  • Find out what else one can do on weekends without going out, as a single lady. Because I can't do more than one facial-spa-movie night a month. 

I have kept myself busy as usual but I have also enjoyed just staying in and chill. The fact is - there's not that much to do on a saturday night at winter time except going out. But not that many of my friends go out alot,  so I haven't been tempted at all! I've had alot of movie, spa and dinner nights and I've been working. But I have also been on a Viking Line cruise, on a Green Day concert and I have been at student parties -  was interesting but not recomended sober.

As a single lady, I've had no problems. I've been on a date - didn't work out, but I don't think it has anything to do with alcohol. Just about chemistry and common sense.

  • All the fancy non-alcoholic drinks I will try! 

No. This has been a huge disappointment. The "ciders" tastes like bland juices, the "beers" are watery and the fancy drinks are super sweet. I don't understand how hard it is to just leave the alcohol out - and not replace it with a supersweet syrup? Anyway, some "wines" were drinkable and one "beer" was okay.


As for the comments and questions I got - they stopped asking after a while. But some people can't wait for me to get back into it. My mum told me that "it's okay to make bad decisons sometimes". I have no idea what she actually meant but I assume that I was getting a bit dull. I kind of agree.

This experiment was a huge conversation starter and I got alot of respect from bartenders and strangers all around! So happy to be able to go back and have the freedom of choice. Do I want a glass of wine or do I want a soda with lemon? 

Let me tell you a secret - you CAN have fun without alcohol. But the drinks makes other drunk people more tolerable. 

I am also very proud of my friend Kennet who did this with me. We are superhumans and now we can be semi-drunk for the rest of the summer with good reason.

Even though it's day 100 today - I will save my wine for wednesday. 101 days is much cooler. See you on the aussie river boat, I'll be the one who's either is very happy or in some kind of alcoholic chock!


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Grattis! Duktigt kämpat! :D
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Haha tack :D
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