thank you notes vol. 6

04.07.2017 kl. 11:10

It is july - and with that comes my monthly thank you notes. I like to show my appreciation and give my thanks to the little things in life and makes my days a bit better. Gratitude IS the best attitude! I have made the decision to keep them in english, because it makes more sense. Enjoy!

Thank you..Youtube. For turning one videoclip to fifty more and suddenly five hours just passed by like magic. Time well spent!

Thank you..finnish summer. It sure was a great day!

Thank you..person who decided it was a great idea to re-do the asphalt on the bridge in the middle of the day. I sure have never seen that kind of a road block in Ekenäs on a monday afternoon! I'm sure people didn't have better stuff to do than sit in a queue, maybe they needed the time to think.

Thank media, for making me a part of all the weddings and other parties I wasn't invited to. There but not really there!

Thank you..people who always like everything I post on instagram. Even though it's a shitty picture, I really appreciate you and I am forever grateful. #alterlove

Thank you..memes. There's a meme for every situation in life and it's always relateable. What was life before memes? I can't even imagine. 

Thank you..childhood friends. For being the best singers, having the best sense of humour and are the best people. I am feeling the two day hangover but I also feel happy. THANKS!



Click HERE to watch the original thank you notes with Jimmy Fallon. 






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