thank you notes vol. 7

09.08.2017 kl. 13:07

It is in fact a new month, and with that come my monthly thank you notes! I feel it's nice to spread some gratitude to the little things in life that makes it a bit better. With inspiration from Jimmy Fallons original thank you notes on the Tonight Show (klick!). 

Here we go


Thank you..air conditioning, for making my immunesystem shut down and making me ill on my work week. So I can appreciate the good life I had before.

Thank you..Game of Thrones, for being the only tv-series in the world that unite people by mutual love and hate for the characters. 

Thank you..bad wifi. For reminding me how life can actually be simple sometimes..and frustrating. 

Thank you..that feeling when you finally remember that thing or name you've been wondering about all day. PRICELESS a-ha moments!

Thank you..puppies, for making the most hardcore people act like soft cuddly muppets. 

Thank you..VIKING LINE ROSELLA. For this amazing summer. Not only did I meet amazing people, but my patience grew a bit bigger and my skin a bit thicker. TACK! I'm OUT! 


That was my thanks for this month! Have a great humpday and be kind! 







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