thank you notes vol. 8

11.09.2017 kl. 16:55

Fall has stumbled upon us and we have almost reached the middle of september. So I think it's time for some of my thank you notes - because I'd like to give thanks to all the little things in life. The small stuff that kind of makes the day better.

Hösten har kommit för att stanna och vi har snart nått halva september. Så jag tycker att det vore dags att skriva ut lite tack till de småsaker i livet som gör dagen lite bättre. Som vanligt kör jag det på det engelska språket. Enjoy!

Thank you..President Niinistö, for your perfect facial expression when president Trump was being..Trump. Thank you for reacting exactly the way we all do when he opens his mouth. 

Thank you..Finnish basketballteam, for showing the world that we actually loose the same way in every sport and not only in ice-hockey. Under alot of pressure and with alot of points. It's called consistency! That's how we roll!

Thank you..Grandma's photoalbum, for having all the pictures of our old selfs, out hairs and the teenage boyfriends. And for not having instagram. #neverforget

Thank you..School, for letting us chill for the first three years and managed to make us stress-sweat and almost die at the end. Real cool! I feel so alive.

Thank you..Knäckebröd, for breaking up friendships and relationships since forever. Because we all have the correct side to where the butter goes. Which iiiis the TOP SIDE. Always. 

Thank you..fall weather, for being chilly in the morning and a jacket, scarf and hat is a good idea - and then being warm AF in the afternoon. The sweat works as natural highlighter!

That was my monthly thank you notes for september! Have a great monday and be kind!



(watch the OG notes with Jimmy Fallon here)






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