thank you notes vol. 9

25.10.2017 kl. 18:49


We have almost reached the end of october. So I think it's long overdue for some of my thank you notes - because I'd like to give thanks to all the little things in life. The small stuff that kind of makes the day better. Gratitute is the best attitute, am I right?

Concept and inspiration is fom the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - CLICK! 


Thank you..climate. For keeping my hair frisky and elecritc in the cold air so I get use of my broad collection of hats. Would be a complete waste otherwise!

Thank you..purchase managers in finnish stores. For showing us that it's never to early to start christmas decorating! We decorate for xmas, pause to celebrate Halloween, and start christmas again, get sick of it..and start again. Because it's two months to go! The excitement is unreal. #itsoctober.

Thank you..oatmeal, for looking like I already ate you before I eat you. 

Thank you..eternal winter darkness. The lack of sun makes my skin paler and whiter, which works perfect for blending in light backgrounds such as walls or floors. A perfect avoindance of awkward moments. CAMOUFLAGE!

Thank you..instagram commercials. Because yes I need that contour palette, protein bars and that cute t-shirt that one IG model is obsessed about. #sponsored 

Thank you..pimples. For making me feel like a teen in puberty again. Making my behaviour acceptable.

Thank readers. For the kind comments on my last blog-birthday post. I am so very very thankful!


This was the thank you notes for october!

Have a great week and stay merry - merry and bright!








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