thank you notes vol. 10

27.11.2017 kl. 17:02

WELL WELL WELL! What time is it? November is almost over and I think it's time for some thank you notes in this winter darkness to stay merry and bright! 'Tis the season to be thankful and jolly!

Thank you..the right side to spread the butter on knäckebröd. For being a great conversation starter that always turns into a battle of life and death - worse than monopoly. (the bumpy top side is the right side.)

Thank you..people who say "have you lost weight?". For making it more accpetable to eat more. "What? You think so?" while reaching for the popcorn, butter and icecream.

Thank friday. I've never felt more wanted than last friday. Everytime I checked my phone I had at lest 5 OFFERS I CAN NOT REFUSE! ..but I did, because a girl has to play hard to get.

Thank on holidays. For bumping into people from your hometown that you've unfriended on Facebook. "Omg we should totally hang...!"

Thank you.."look at this youtube clip"! For making one clip turn into another, and suddenly you forgot what you first looked at and also lost the meaning of life. 

Thank you..Glöggrundan. For being a great finale on my life as a student. I might not have a ticket or a map - but I don't need a map to find the bars around here. I mean, who are we kidding. Iz me. 

Thank you..being hangry and getting something to eat. The feeling is som peaceful. Imagine if all wars could be solved with a piece of food.


That was my notes of thanks for this month! 

Have a great week and stay dry.





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Ellii27.11.17 kl. 18:17
Ellinor grande! Du e!
27.11.17 19:56





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