shit we can live without

31.12.2017 kl. 13:17


'tis is the last day of 2017. When I think back on this year in general, I feel there has been alot of stuff that I feel should be left behind and stay in 2017. Things that I really don't think we need to bring with us to the new year. I call this post: 


Shit we can live without in 2018


  • Donald Trumps ego. I really hope someone slaps him back to last year and make him not run for presidency. Because if he continues to act like a child, we will infact have a WW3 and all because of his massive EGO. Start acting like a world leader or just leave.


  • Fidget spinners. Never understood them, never will.


  • Sexual harrassment. Need I say more? Because of the #metoo stories and can I say - revolution, I hope we can see a HUGE change in 2018. 


  • Crop tops and crop hoodies. Sure, it's all fun and games when you're 15 or have a tiny waist - but when you're 28, have a beer belly and trying to find a t-shirt or hoodie for work or you know, for winter, but everything is too short, it is not as warm or pleaseant. I know - BODY POSITIVITY. But I'm COLD.


  • Shitty music. I mean - Gucci gang, Rockstar, Havana & other sucky songs on the top 50 charts. I don't get it! HOW. ARE. THEY. STILL. THERE. 


  • Bullying. Hate is just jeleousy - but why do people feel the need to put other people down? Just stop it. 


  • Ridiculously high-priced healthy foods. 12 € for 1 cup of super healthy amazingness granola or 4 € for a semi ripe avocado? Do you know how many McDonalds meals I get for that? I don't know either but I think it's alot. If we need to eat healthier - make it a possibility and not just a privilege. 


  • Overpriced "Smart" phones. They last for 1,5 year, the prices are the same as a two week holiday and the new ones just get bigger and have less stuff. Like a hole for your headphones or you know, your charger. BOOH! We should be advanced enough to make quality shit. 


  • Rudeness. I have met so many rude people this year and alot of them we're kids! What happened to please, thank you and I'm sorry? Manners? Kindness? Imagine that these kids are the future that are supposed to take care of us. HAHAHHAaaaa help me! 

(Of course - NOT all kids are like this. There are more happy, friendly tiny humans in this world. We have to remember that it's our job to teach them. The adults are the rolemodels. They don't turn out to be assholes on they're own)


  • Influencers that don't actually influence but call them selves influencers. There are alot of inspiring people out there who REALLY work hard and inspire others to do the same. They influence their ideas and dedication to inspire others. Then there are people who post quotes of inspiration, written by others, on a selfie and call them selves influencers without actually doing anything. What is that? WHAT is that? 

What other stuff should we leave behind in 2017? ​



Some stuff I'd like to bring to the next year.

Ed Sheeran, positivity, avocado, high waisted jeans, Kevin Hart, The Crown, Plants, Mikael Gabriel, Ghee butter, iKaffe, Organic skincare, Instagram.... 

Love, Love and some more LOVE! 



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Såå bra leave lista! Speciellt croptop modet, fy fan vad trött jag är på det :D
Andas01.01.18 kl. 23:39
Jo fy fan.. :D HAHA
02.01.18 18:20





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