six things you didn't think you needed to know

09.01.2018 kl. 18:31

..about me! Since I've been requested to write more in english for my foreign friends, I gladly did it today with some random facts about me that you might not know or even thought you needed to know! So here we go:


  • I am absolutley incapable of commitment. Diets, exercise, books etc. (but not to people, I really commit. If I like you, you're stuck with me for a while). but..seriously! I can start a new diet or exercise routine and I'll do it for a couple of weeks, get bored, and start another one. I'm amazed I stuck with not eating meat for 3 years! But now I'm bored with that aswell, but still, kind of, not always, sticking to it. I always start stuff but never almost finish them. I have seven halfway read books in my shelf. How hard can it be? Everyone else is doing it!


  • I eat five or more crispbreads per day. Knäckebröd with real butter is so addictive, and so ah-mazingly good. 


  • I am addicted to Q-tips - aka. cleaning my ears. I do it every day and sometimes twice a day. And it's probably not good for my ears because they feel a bit sore, but I can't stop. It's not because I have alot of wax, it's just the feeling. It's so soothing and relaxing. 


  • I cry alot when I watch movies. I cry when there are happy reunions and happy endings or sad endings  usually involving sad old people or sad kids. I shed tears when kids get really happy when seeing a long lost friend or a pet or parents get back together. I really cry when pets get lost or worse..die. I also cry to sad but then happy commercials. But I rarely cry in real life. 


  • I suck at folding. My closet is a mess! If I take something out I need to slam the door shut to keep the rest from not falling out. #classy


  • I've named all of my house plants. Bacon van peikonlehti, Alberto greenleaves, Figge the fikus, Avo-cado and Olof Palme. I think plants bring life to my home and creates a stress free enviroment. Except when they get yellow leaves or die. Then I get stressed. #crazyplantlady


So there you go! How can you have lived so far without of these valuable pieces of infomation? Anything else you wanna know? Comment below!







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Du är så nog så klipsk som skriver på alla världens språk! Själv har jag Google på min dator som kan hjälpa mig. Var nu försiktig med dina öron, Q-tip-aj är inte att leka med!
Gertrud3209.01.18 kl. 19:28
Nu kan jag leva vidare när jag har informationen hehe ... Kan btw inte heller leva utan Q-tips :P
Tina10.01.18 kl. 16:32
11.01.18 18:17
Diggar namnet på plantorna :D Jag har döpt min bil till Börje och pratar om den som ett husdjur.. #crazycarlady (?)
Jenny17.01.18 kl. 01:34





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