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I love the city i live in. Åbo (Turku) is that perfect sized town. Not to big, but not too small. Filled with all kinds of food, drinks, shops & culture. The people are nice and eveything is close by. 

FACT: Did you know that Åbo/Turku was the OG capital of Finland for 4 years (1809-1812)? No you didn't, you only care about yourself.  

Anyway, this guide is about food for the hungry visitor - so I will list my top five favorite places to visit for the food in this cozy ass city & two places I'm not so inpressed by I but could give them another try - but other people might like 'em! 

//the titles are clickable and leads you to their website. also, bear in mind that I'm a vegetarian so most of the places are veggie friendly.//


This is my favorite lunch spot. It's located in Turku market hall in the city centre. They serve vegetarian/vegan lunches on weekdays and brunchplates on saturdays. When I was a student and didn't have any other obligations during the day - this was my go to lunch place. 

You can choose from three different lunches - salad, hot meal and a soup. They all include home made bread with butter and/or hummous and a cup of dessert coffee or tea. 

I strongly recommend this place even if you're not a vegetarian! Super tasty and instead of a table number - you get a colorful animal! If that's not a good enough reason, I don't know what is. 


If you don't fancy a veggie lunch, I strongly recommend to just visit the market hall. It's filled with all kinds of food for all kinds of hungry bellys. Tacos, sushi, salads, soups and meats. You can buy cheese, drink a cup of coffe, shop some wine or just walk around. One of my favorite buildings in this town! 



This cozy spot is located by the river next to the library. Their menu has everything from huge salads, sandwiches, soups to cakes, croissants and coffees. They also have a bar to get a mimosa for the sunday brunchplate or just to get a drink in the evening - or even in the day (I never judge!).

The café has two floors and the interiour is gorgeous with white wooden walls and sparkly lamps. I highly recommend the salmon soup, the feta-mango salad and the brunchplate (choose from meat, fish or vegetarian!) 

They also do some jazzy music nights that I've always wanted to attend but never have. So shout out if you wanna join sometime! 



This is a small café located opposite the market hall in the Hansa quarters, or if you prefer to call it, the Hansa shopping centre. They serve all kinds of coffees, chocolates, toasties and smoothies. You can also buy coffee stuff to make delicious coffees at home! Yes, they also sell stuff!

I recommend the place to just sit by yourself after a long day of shopping to just to look at people walking by the window or a coffee date! I  always order the matcha latte or a normal americano and silently judge people walking by. We all do it. I know we do -  and this is the perfect spot for it! 


(picture source - KLICK)

This spanish influenced restaurant is also located in the Hansa quarters, almost next to Bean bar. They have the best waitorstaff, especially one funny foreign man, who I think is spanish but I can't name him because I never asked his name, but he is very friendly. 

I recommend this place based on the feeling I got from it. It felt like I was on a vacation in Spain or Italy. The food was great, the wine was tasty and the energy there is just so friendly. I've visited Tres three times on very different occations and all three times were as good. It's kind of fine dining but still feels casual and comfy to be there. 

They serve lunch monday-saturday and a'la carte dinner everyday. So get your ass to Tres for a great and friendly experience! 



This is located right by the river. It's a supercozy café tht serves high quality made coffees and teas. In the winter it's nice to sit inside by the window and in the spring/summer it's perfect to sit outside. 

It's very artsy and you get art on you're latte or cappuchino that is very instagrammable! 


Other gems in Turku worth visiting:

Kembuz Café, Sergio's, Di Trevi, Fabbe's Café, Kaskis, Fazer..


Two places I'm not impressed by:

The food was okay, but the place is weird! The menu is all about small portions and they tell you to at least have 4-5 if you want to get full. It's clearly a tapas inspired place but they prefer not to call it tapas and got kind of defensive, but still compared it to tapas when we asked how big the meals are. So. JUST CALL IT TAPAS. It's FINE.

The restaurant feels like a school cafeteria, but maybe that's the concept. Although why call it Storage?

On the plus side - it's kind of a cool place if you really like that kind of stuff - and I recommend the onion-mozarellarings! The prices we're a bit on the higher side. I would, however, visit again! Because eveything and eveyone deserves a second chance. 

I will just say two things: small ass burgers & high ass prices. I could be a bit harsh, but I didn't like my veggie burger. It might have been because I had a terrible hangover - but still! 

I have tried the place in Helsinki and I was more impressed by that one than the one here in Turku. So I might have to try it again sometime! But for now - I'm not impressed. 

So this was my current food guide for my dear city of TURKU!

Here are som other blogposts I've posted about food:



What's your favorite places? Let me know where to eat next in the comment section below!

Also, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. But I doubt it, my stommach is always right. 



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Va bra tips! Måst testa nån av dom :) Sen kan jag tipsa om Fontanas mat eller jag har bara ätit deras vegeburger men den e i alla fall jättegod! :D
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Oj najs! Jag har nog ätit den också på Fontana, den e god! :D
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