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Dags för min tredje gästbloggare! Denna babe är en gammal kollega från mina Mallistider och jobbar nuförtiden som flygvärdinna på Emirates! Ganska coolt enligt mig. Så jag ansåg att jag definitivt ville veta mera om hennes liv just nu! Konversationen går på engelska så here we go!


First of all – HELLO! How are you?


Hi there! I am doing great, how are you Sofia? I am a big fan of your blog and its a honour to be your guest.


 I'm fine, thank you! So, tell us about you! Name, age, where are you from, favorite food and are you single?


So I’ll introduce myself. Silke, 24 turning 25 next month, born and raised in Belgium, in love with a lovely Belgian man who I live with in Dubai since 2014. I love spaghetti, sushi and pho (vietnamese noodle soup -> very njammie with lots of coriander!). I work as a cabin crew and fly all over the world!


How do we know eachother?


We met during the summer of 2013 if I’m not mistaken. We used to work together in a hotel in Mallorca and we were part of the children’s animation team.


(Miniclub crew  - Sofia, Laura & Silke)


It’s over four years ago since we’ve last seen each other. How did you experience that summer in Mallorca?


That’s such a long time ago! I did enjoy that summer in Mallorca but the job itself wasn’t my thing. I remember you did your job with so much passion and enthusiasm and I wasn’t like that, it just wasn’t my thing. I liked all the extras hahah -> going out at night, amazing food in the hotel (remember that pasta we had for lunch! SO good), the weather, days at the beach. 


How was I four years ago? How do you remember me? Describe me in four words (honest now).


I remember you as an energetic, positive, crazy and warm person. You were good in what you were doing out there. Are you still working with children by the way? I’ve always seen a teacher in you! Or a social worker or something!

Sofia: Haha, well pretty damn close! I'm a kindergarten teacher now. Thanks for those kind words, but sometimes I felt like a old bitch on my bad days. Glad you don't remember that. 


Speaking of flying – you work in the air, right? Tell us about that! How did you think of pursuing that career? What do you actually do?


I wasn’t happy living in Belgium and I had no idea what I wanted to do in life. I had a boyfriend from France that time and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay with him or not. I saw and advert online ‘Cabin crew opportunities in Dubai’, yes that’s what I needed that time, I applied and got the job. A couple of months later I left Belgium and moved to the United Arab Emirates and look, 4 years later I am still here!


What’s the best thing about your job – apart from the free travelling? What’s the worst thing?


The best thing is seeing all this beautiful places we have on earth and learning so much about other cultures and traditions and I love trying out nice food from everywhere. But of course like every other jobs theres a downside, waking up at 1AM, being jet lagged when you arrive back from Australia or the USA, not always being able to see your family during Christmas or New Years.


What’s the weirdest thing a passenger has said to you onboard?


A passenger recently asked me if I could make him a fresh banana almond smoothie, I told him sure let me get my mixer and run down 7eleven to get some bananas and almonds. (No unfortunately I didn’t tell him that, thats what I thought tho…..). Another passenger told me if he could take away his food in a doggybag -> nope we don’t have takeaway bags!


Have you ever had to evacuate an airplane in the sea?


No, a landing on water is something which thank god almost never happens! There was an incident where a plane had an emergency landing on the Hudson River in New York in 2009. They made a really good movie about it called ‘Sully’.


Follow up: is it fun to go down the slide to the water?


Haha unfortunately I’ve only done it once during my training but YES it was SO much fun.

Do you ever get scared? If yes – in what situation?

No not really.


Why does one have to close the window and does the belt really make any sense?


Actually during landing and take off it’s really important to open the window blinds because a passenger might be able to see something important when looking outside, something someone else is not able to see. Yes the belt makes a looooot of sense! It can prevent you from braking a looooot of bones.


What’s your favorite destination? Why?


I've got so many! Japan is beautiful, especially during the cherry blossom season (march-april) the country has such a good, peaceful vibe and its so organised and clean. Vienna is the best in December, Christmas markets, gluhwein..some snow if you’re lucky! Korea and Taiwan are the best for skincare products and shopping in general!



What are your future plans?


Honestly I have no idea! I live day by day, not worrying too much about the future. I am not leaving Dubai anytime soon.


When are you gonna visit me?


Thats a good question! Whats the nearest airport? Let me check if we fly there! 

Sofia: Closest to me is Turku airport but I really doubt you'll ever land here. But otherwise it's Helsinki! 



Thank you so much Silke! It was a pleasure to catch up after all these years. Your job is super cool and interestning! Keep posting pics from your travels so I can just die of jeleousy. If anyone has a question please write them in the comment section below!

This was my guest for this time! I learned alot, did you? Who do you wanna read about next? We will have to wait and see!

Have a happy happy sunday and enjoy the cold ass snow!









Namn: Sofia Johansson

Ålder:  Tjugonio jordsnurr

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