03.03.2018 kl. 14:07

I dream of not having to feel my feelings 150%. A normal 100 would be nice.

I dream about being so confident that I never second guess my decisions. I walk into a room and BAAM. Swishh swissh bissh.

I dream about my own apartment, with a balcony, so I can drink coffee and nurture my 100000 PLANTS.

I dream about and I look forward to spring. The sound of birds, the sand under my sneakers and feeling the warm sun in my face. 

I dream about finding a hobby I'm passionate about. Taking a writing class, singing lessons or photography. 

I also dream about having flawless, spotless skin and non-albino eyebrows. 

I dream about spending my 30th birthday on a whale watching boat outside of Tromsö, Norway. I LOVE ORCAS. 

I dream of spending a day in The Wirzarding World of Harry Potter. I really really do.

I dream of appreciating the bad ass peson I actually am. Because I am enough. 

I also dream of health, world peace and seedless clementines. 


What do you dream about?









Namn: Sofia Johansson

Ålder:  Tjugonio jordsnurr

Ort: Åbo

Blogg: Här kan ni läsa om allt och ingenting, men oftast någonting!

Är: Glad, mästare på överanalysering, plantlady, snäll, tankspridd, lite humoristisk, semi musikalisk, lång, full av kärlek och ost





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