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Dear Ed Sheeran,
First of all - Thanks for excisting and all that. You're supercool and talanted and also cute!
Second - I'm still a bit angry with you for not stopping in Helsinki on your world tour. Are we not cool enough for you? I mean, it's getting warmer and the snow is almost gone, but the sun is not gonna hurt your ginger skin!
Third - I need your help.
I'm in quite the pickle. I'm gonna be the toastmaster at my friends wedding in july. She is a perfectionist and doesn't let anyone help much - but she asked me to do one thing.  ONE THING. So I thought, that sounds simple, what could it be? To make decorations? Talk to the caterers? What could she possibly trust me to take care of?

"I want Ed Sheeran to sing at my (not our) wedding. Can you fix that?"

"....hahaha u'r joking right?"

She was not.

Well, aint' that the easiest task a toastmaster ever had to do?


But mama did not raise a quitter so I'm gonna do my very best! 

I'm not that stupid. I understand that there is a slim, close to impossible chance that you would read this or even notice this. BUT - there is a chance. A teeeny tiny chance. Like a microchance. 

I'm not gonna write a cheesy story about how they are perfect for eachother and why you should come and celebrate their love - because you are in love and understand them and can relate. Becuase you NEVER get those kind of mails. HAHA. Barf, right?

I have however noticed that on the wedding date, 21 of July, YOU have a day off that day! What better way to spend it than travelling from Germany to sing a song for a happy and perfect couple, for free? I can't come up with anything else. 

What's in it for me, you might wonder. Well let me tell you:


  • You will make their special day more memorable that they ever imagined. 


  • The wedding is on Åland Islands. It's the Aruba of scandinavia. A gorgeous island outside of Finland. It is THE summer must-visit. Amazing nature, happy people and great beer. Like a mini-vacay! Click here for a teaser: LINK


  • You would get to experience the amazingness of the ROCKOFF festival that is happening at the same time. I mean - ANASTASIA is performing! 


  • A free meal!


  • You would make the bride very very happy and probably make the wedding night more awesome for the groom. 


  • You would save my ass and save the embarressment of me dressing up as you! I mean - there's only that option left - and I don't think I would do you justice. I might do it better! Do we want that?



Again, you're probably not gonna read this since you get like a million messages a day and mostly spam. But at least the bride will know that I tried and might let me off the hook since it's next to impossible! 

Just take a second to think out loud how perfect this day will be. Almost as beautiful as the supermarket flowers you bought for the galway girl. You would be the man - and we will be happier. 




Sofia "help me" Johansson



the 21st of july - Mariehamn, Åland  Islands. BE there or be square!




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Ååååå jag önskar att han läser detta inlägg och kontaktar dej! ????????????
Sabina22.04.18 kl. 18:58
I hope sooooo!
22.04.18 19:39
Interesting to see ... thank you it's well done :-)
facket04.02.19 kl. 14:04





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