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Hello people!

I'm back on dry land after a weekend on Åland Islands and I'm super tired but also super happy! Today is my first official vacation day of my five weeks off. FIVE WEEKS! I'm going to be so bored in a week - but such is life as me. If you wanna hang out - plz don't hesitate to text me! 

This post will be in english so that everyone will see how cool it was. All pics are mine execpt the ones that are not!

Midsummer came, saw and concured - and it was so awesome. We left for Mariehamn on friday morning and came back home yesterday night. We were 12 people - 6 couples (plus two cats and a dog). A mixed group of different people that totally clicked and we had such a great time. Good food, great drinks and happy faces. 

They say a picture says more than a thousand written words - so I will show you how cool the past weekend was! Here we go.



the squad captured from a drone! (Picture: Jonas Ekholm)



part of the food!



the chefs!



the cute observer and the cute corn cutter!



the handsome and the me



a friendly game of kubb!


the kubb loser (picture: Riccardo Gatto)


The midsummer eve was rainy and cold because the sun doesn't always shine on Åland, despite what the locals may tell you. But after rain comes kubb and it was so much fun! At least the first round when my team owned it and won. But it's supposed to be a fun game and not a serous competition, some might say.

On midsummer day we went for a roadtrip to Smakbyn, or the taste village - flavor village if directly translated, and to Stallhagen brewery. The weather was friendlier and sometimes even sunny!



look at these happy faces!

In the evening we went to ÅSS by the harbour for dinner and drinks, and then we ended up in Arken for some dancing. I met so many familiar faces and I had a blaaast. Normally I don't go out to a club on midsummer but when in Åland, why not! 

The food at ÅSS was okay. A bit expensive for what we got on our plates, but okay. Some of us rated it 8/10 forks and some of us rated it 7/10 cats or someting. Did you know 7/12 people were chefs? Imagine how good the midsummer dinner was. 12/10.




The next day me and Erik had to catch the earlier boat for Turku so we left first of the group. We left tired, happy, broke and grateful for this lot of people! I'm do happy that we all worked so well as a group and I look forward to more get togethers in the future!

A big thanks to Anni who is the main reason I got to know everyone. Special thanks to Sofia and Jonas for hosting everyone. THANK YOU!


I hope everyone had a great midsummer!


Smell ya later.









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