a regular tuesday - in english!

25.09.2018 kl. 19:53

Hello y'all! 

No time no english! So I decided that today will be an english day since I started off like that. Why you ask? Well every tuesday at work - I have an english club with the five year old kids where we play, sing, talk and learn english together. It's fun and it's effective! Damn those kids learn fast even though I'm not really TEACHING them, teaching them. Just incorperating it in the activites. It's super cool and I love it.



This day was a really effective one. I woke up at 7. Took a shower (I never do that in the morning), I made cashew mylk (WHAT), I had a long breakfast and then at 9 am I walked to work. Who does that? 

But it was such a great way to start a tuesday - I do it whenever I can. But since it's getting darker outside, it's harder to get my ass up in the mornings. Anyone else?

About that cashew mylk - I haven't made that in forever. I don't use milk in anything except in my coffee, and I have used oatmilk from Oatly (the best), but yesterday I noticed I had alot of cashews laying around, like people do, so I put about one cup of them in my blender to soak over night. 

In the morning I just rinsed them under water a couple of times and blended them with hald a liter of water - strained and bottlet it! DONE! 

I added some cinnamon and honey for taste and damn, so good. Use it in coffee, porridge, smoothies or just to drink! 


(old picture - but the same recipe)

Anyway - after work I just went home at 5pm, had some chicken dinner. I had a really great ordinary day today and now that Erik is here - it ends ever greater. I'm gonna make him som french toast and he doesn't know it yet because he's not paying attention to what I'm writing right now. HAHA!!!


That's how my regular tuesday looked like today!

How was yours?



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Me25.09.18 kl. 22:26
yup B)
27.09.18 19:38
Om jag får barn vill jag att de går english clubs och finskagrupper ocjh lite spanska på något hörn också och blir extremt internationella före de fyller 9 hehe.
Julia / Grön i Åbo27.09.18 kl. 09:31
Det finns massor med dagisar som håller på med språksmakning! :D Men skicka dom ti mig sen ;)
27.09.18 19:37





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