are you swedish? - A short guide about swedish speaking finns for foreigners

06.11.2018 kl. 18:49

SVENSKA dagen i ära, så tänkte jag skriva en kort guide om finlandssvenskan på engelska till fina utländska vänner! Det händer allt för ofta att man behöver förklara sig om varför man har svenska som modersmål - så gör ett litet ytskrap. 

A comment a get everytime I meet foreign people, after I tell them where I'm from and that my mothertounge is swedish, is "So you're swedish?". No. I am not. I am a swedish speaking finn, and yes, that is a thing! 

So please, here's my short guide for my foreign friends! I have saved up on the history - just named some of the important facts. HAHA. 


They maintain a strong identity and are seen either as a separate ethnic group, while still being Finns, or as a distinct nationality. They speak Finland Swedish, which encompasses both a standard language and distinct dialects that are mutually intelligible with the dialects spoken in Sweden and, to a lesser extent, other Scandinavian languages. - Wikipedia


Fun facts:

  • 5,8 % of the finnish population are swedish speaking finns. We like to live next to the sea, by the coast, so we can park our sailboats. But we are as much finns like everyone else. 


  • We have swedish kindergartens, swedish schools, swedish entertainment and so on. I, for example, have grown up in a swedish speaking family, went to swedish schools, and I am now working in swedish as a kindergarten teacher. BUT we are not from Sweden. 


  • In school - we take finnish as a second language next to english. I never had any interest in learning finnsh because my grandmother said she never needed it. which is true where I grew up, so my english is my second language and finnish is my third-ish.. I wish I knew it fluently now - but what can you do.              The finnish schools teaches swedish as a second language - or in some schools. It's very floopy now-a-days because people are stupid.


  • For some reason, most of the finnish speaking finns think that the swedish speaking finns are wealthy and rich AF. We have sailboats, big houses and daddy pays for everything. This is funny to me because I don't know anybody with a sailboat, not everyone has a big house and daddy only pays sometimes.                                                                                  
  • We have our own flag & song! We are proud of our language, and to be bilingual. 


I think it's funny how Canada, Belgium and even USA are multilingual countries with french, german and spanish minorities - and yet swedish speaking finns are the weirdest thing. 

I am a swedish speaking finn. No I am not swedish nor is my family swedish. I don't speak swedish with a finnish accent, I speak finnish-swedish. My boyfriend is also finnish-swedish speaking and so are my colleagues. Most of us speak finnish fluently, and some of us don't. Just the way the cookie crumbles! 



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